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This project is no longer being supported by the original developer. Feel free to fork the project for future use but there will be no further updates here.


exSnake is a C# version of the classic game Snake. I wrote this to study the way games work at their core and to better understand some math algorithms for drawing points and series of points on a graph. This game is console based and is always under construction.

Future Plans

I hope to reinvent the way the classic game Snake works by bringing new things to it including a full 'open world' type sandbox environment. Of course the game will also maintain the original aspects for those of us that like classics.


This is an ongoing research project i will maintain for a long time and will continue to put forth new ideas in my code while maintaining and fixing the classic game itself. My code is always dynamic and future updates will only be wrappers around the core game, therefore any bug fixes can be easily implemented in future releases no matter how far along the game gets and feature requests can be easily implemented as options stacked on to the core game itself. I hope you enjoy this game and contribute to it in some way. Let's keep the heart of open source code within the gaming community.

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